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**************CROSS-REFERENCED TRANSISTORS DEVICES**************    
***************************UNIJUCTION TRANSISTORS**************************    
6410UNIJUNCTION TRANSISTOR-Ie: 50ma Vbb: 35V : Pd 300mw: Ieo(reverse) .005ua -TO-92 PACKAGE    $7.70
6401UNIJUNCTION TRANSISTOR-Ie: 50ma Vbb: 55V : Pd 300mw: Ieo(reverse) 12ua -TO-18 PACKAGE    $9.07
6409UNIJUNCTION TRANSISTOR-Ie: 50ma Vbb: 35V : Pd 300mw: Ieo(reverse) 0.2ua -TO-18 PACKAGE    $9.77
6400UNIJUNCTION TRANSISTOR-Ie: 50ma Vbb: 35V : Pd 450mw: Ieo(reverse) 12ua -TO-39 PACKAGE    $44.25
6400AUNIJUNCTION TRANSISTOR-Ie: 50ma Vbb: 55V : Pd 450mw: Ieo(reverse) 1.0ua -TO-39 PACKAGE    $54.77
6402UNIJUNCTION TRANSISTOR-(PROGRAMMABLE)BVgkf +40volts: BVgkr -5volts: Bvak +40/-40: Pd 300mw: Ig +20/-20ma -TO-92 PACKAGE    $3.98
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